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Fish keeping has been advanced in recent decades with fancier and easier methods and even the breeding of fish for pets has improved greatly in terms of techniques. A few species are mormyrus longirosis, mormyrus kannume, mormyrus lacerda, mormyrus rume, and mormyrus tapirus. Guppies poecilia reticulata are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby because of their brilliant colors, lively personalities, and ease of breeding. Liveaquaria is the largest online shop for all of your fish needs. Product comparison the maximum number of products that can be compared is 4. The most well known include the blood parrot cichlid and flowerhorn.

Guppies got best aquarium fish, tropical fish aquarium, freshwater aquarium fish, guppy. Angelfish a cichlid live about 4 years on average, but its not uncommon for them to live 8 or more years. The worlds most trusted source of information about the fascinating world of fishkeeping. If you are ready to start your first successful aquarium but dont know where to start, you can check out our starter guides section. A freshwater aquarium is a receptacle that holds one or more freshwater aquatic organisms for decorative, petkeeping, or research purposes. Many viruses have high mortality rate, and any survivors then become carriers that can go on to infect naive. It is comprised of many of the freshwater articles from the website. In stressful times, having a home aquarium could be a benefit. The aquarium fish survival manual, another barrons book. Large, small, peaceful, easy and hard to keep tropical freshwater fishes. This 288 page, illustrationpacked encyclopedia covers a wide range of the fish species information and technical hints needed to easily and successfully maintain a freshwater aquarium at home. For that reason, freshwater fish is the choice for starters. From aquariums to aquarium stands, fish food to filters, heaters to aquarium lighting, we have exactly what you need for your home aquarium.

Our ebook called all about aquariums has been made available free of charge on july 6 th 2011 after a generous donation from anonymous donor. Freshwater fish embrace the tropical and the coldwater fishes. Viruses have become common in many species of fish in the ornamental fish trade. The freshwater fish that we just introduced to you are just a drop in the ocean when compared to the amount of fish that can be found in aquariums around the world. Add alluring decor to your home with fish aquariums from petco. Most aquarium books and guides are old and insufficient. Ill give you some suggestions for community fish, as well as larger fish you may wish to keep in singlespecimen tanks. When one needs to trace tropical reef species he just needs to see the. Freshwater fish species all about the different freshwater fish and their specific needs, care, habitat, biotopes, and all other specific topics relating to freshwater fish keeping. Salt water aquarium are not easy to find but i can offer you good ebook to this topic. Jbl proscan water test with analysis via smartphone for freshwater aquariums. Discover how to choose the right aquarium select the best fish get good deals on equipment maintain a clean, healthy. Whether you are a dedicated tropical fish hobbyist, researcher, dealer, or wildlife agent, dr.

In this care guide, we share our essential tips and tricks for keeping this simple yet beautiful species. Keep in mind that i am making these suggestions based on the appearance of the fish. The freshwater dolphin fish is a rare fish in the trade and nearly impossible to properly id. What to feed tropical fish fry, livebearers and egglayers. Complete encyclopedia of the freshwater aquarium john. A helpful list of aquarium fish species by common name stocking your aquarium evenly with the correct number of fish. Selecting aquatic plants for your aquarium and how to care for them to insure longevity. This list gives some examples of the most common species found. If any of this is striking a chord within, you need some help before you embark on your fish keeping adventure and we highly recommend you acquire a copy of your guide to tropical freshwater fish aquariums. The cool part about making it an e book means that i can keep it updated when we publish new articles or profiles on the website. Axelrods atlas of freshwater aquarium fishes offers a reliable zoogeographical method of listing species for a unique and simplified approach to fish identification.

The perfect aquarium by jeremy gay this one is a readers digest book, good general info setting up a freshwater aquarium by gregory skomal part of the owners guide to a happy healthy pet series more basic info, but still worth a read. Determine appropriate species of animal and plant life to introduce into an aquarium. Top 250 aquarium websites voted by aquarium hobbyists. Shop today and get free shipping on qualifying orders. A comprehensive reference guide to more than 600 freshwater fish and plants hargreaves, vincent on. More than 15,000 species of freshwater fishes are part of healthy rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands around the world. If you run a freshwater aquarium, youll find plenty of inspiration for bringing it to life. Freshwater fish may be either coldwater or tropical species. Browse through our latest freshwater articles, columns, species profiles, and much more. Live freshwater fish starter packs shipped right to your door at the lowest prices online only at familyowned and operated that fish place that pet place. Aquaboards is dedicated to discussion and education about tropical aquarium fish including freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and aquarium fish.

Freshwater fish tend to be more relaxed and informal than saltwater fish. Aquaworld aquarium ebook mastering freshwater aquarium. They are often species specific, affecting only one species, but there are exceptions. This list gives some examples of the most common species found in home aquariums. A cory catfish is one of the more popular freshwater aquarium fish for hobbyists when stocking their first tank. The guppy poecilia reticulata is one of the most popular freshwater fish species and there are plenty of reasons for their popularity. Hybrid fish learn about some of the popular, and sometimes accidental, known freshwater fish hybrids available on the market and how to identify them from purebred examples. The 26 best freshwater fish for your aquarium fish care. In this article youll learn about several categories of the most colorful fish for your freshwater aquarium. Also listed are the english and dutch vernacular names in use for freshwater fishes and the. Modern aquariums are most often made from transparent glass or acrylic glass.

Weve got a great selection of angels, plecos, cichlids, livebearers, tetras, and much more. An alphabetic list with the scientific names of all known recent freshwater fish species is presented. Live freshwater fish shipped right to your door at the lowest prices online only at familyowned and operated that fish place that pet place. A comprehensive reference guide to more than 600 freshwater fish and plants. Aquariums of india kollam aquarium, kollam, kerala. Considered to be a good scavenger, a cory catfish is a staple for new fish keepers with low tech tanks. A vast number of aquatic species have successfully adapted to live in the freshwater aquarium. This book is for both experienced fish keepers who have had aquariums for a considerable. From sustainably raised freshwater and saltwater fish, plants, invertebrates, corals, and reef rock to premium aquarium supplies, food, and equipment. Freshwater aquarium fish species for tropical tanks. Cichlids are among the most numerous, from tasty tilapia to a hobbyist favorite, discus. Theres also expanded guidance on combining different species of fish, maintaining a tank, cleaning gravel, and dealing with common problems such as algae. Although freshwater aquariums can be set up as community tanks, coldwater and tropical fish are. There are a few different species under this common name and their personalities vary slightly.

Feel free to go through this page where you can find the download. Deciding which fish to have in your freshwater aquarium requires you to explore the choices. The african rift lakes alone have more than 300 cichlid species, with names like malawi eyebiter and eartheater. Aquarium forum general freshwater aquarium topics freshwater fish species members currently in the chatroom. Its definitely just what the doctor ordered for fish keeping 101. You can use it as a guide in setting up your freshwater aquarium or use it as a species reference when visiting the local fish store. Freshwater aquarium e book 10 foreword thanks for downloading s freshwater aquarium e book. How to choose a tropical fish aquarium the first decision you must make when you buy an aquarium is whether you plan to keep freshwater fish or saltwater live freshwater fish cichlids find incredible deals on live freshwater fish cichlids and live freshwater fish cichlids accessories. Study aquarium management freshwater, tropical, marine fish tank. Adding the fish learn all about the most popular tropical freshwater fish how many you should buy considering the tank size, should you have more than one species and how and where to buy your fish. Tropical fish hobbyist magazines freshwater section.

Freshwater fish have advantages, since the fish will adapt to most aquarium types. Many species of small tetras can live five or more years in the aquarium. List of freshwater aquarium fish species wikipedia. Freshwater fish compatibility chart and characteristics of different types of fish. Here we profile some of the worlds most popular freshwater fish species, from the neon tetra to the pearl gourami. Freshwater fishes cichild gold guppy fighter koi silver dollar. You can find nearly evey popular aquarium fish species, how to set up a freshwater tank, maintenance, community setups and more.

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