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We now know when the flash and supergirl musical crossover will take place in their respective seasons. Prepare to download everything from the cw hits big crossover episode. And i have to say that both the supergirl episode alone and its companion piece, the flash episode titled duet, were pretty awesome. The flash is kicking off the event by temporarily moving into supergirls sunday night timeslot and supergirl moves to the flashs tuesday night berth to close out the crossover. The flash and supergirl will be staging a musical crossover episode. Cbs has announced that the flash star grant gustin will be visiting supergirls melissa benoist in an upcoming crossover episode between the dc properties.

Well there are two supergirl and the flash only crossover episodes, theres one in season of supergirl, i believe its episode 17, maybe, and its titled worlds finest. Team supergirl goes to earth 1 the flash season 3 episode 17 duet. The flash s barry allen grant gustin has left his mark on supergirl. Now that supergirl has moved to the cw, the network is gearing up for an epic fourway crossover with arrow, the flash, supergirl, and dcs legends of tomorrow. Duet is the seventeenth episode of the third season of the flash, and the sixtythird episode overall. The cws the flash season four episode eight is the third part of the networks epic superhero crossover involving legends of tomorrow, arrow, supergirl, and the flash. This story contains spoilers from mondays the flash crossover episode of supergirl, worlds finest. Supergirl season 2 episode 8, medusa, was a great episode one of the best so far.

They are arranged chronologically, grouped by season. Executive producer greg berlanti also tweeted out to fans before medusa aired, saying the crossover only starts at the end of the episode. It is the main part of the musical crossover between the flash and supergirl, which was set up at the end of the sixteenth episode of the second season of supergirl. Supergirl and the flash will finally come facetoface when the speedster pays a visit to national city in march, cbs announced wednesday. On what episodes do flash and supergirl appear together. This weeks supergirl episode was the beginning of the twopart crossover between supergirl and the flash. That was supergirl season 2, flash season 3, arrow season 5 and dcs legends of tomorrow season 2, all of them were episode 8 f. Duet dealt very little with either supergirl of the flashs major narratives outside of the love drama, which isnt too surprising since the appeal of this episode was to see its stars sing and dance. Barry and oliver wake up to find theyve swapped bodies, but team flash doesnt believe them, so the two heroes travel to smallville on earth38 to get help. A list of crossover episodes which involve characters from multiple shows in the arrowverse. The websites critical consensus reads, with disorienting body swaps, confusingly altered realities, and an awesome supermansupergirl teamup, there is a lot to love in this joyfilled arrowverse crossover episode of the flash. The verdict reads, the bodyswap premise at the center of the episode made the. When the flash meets green arrow on a cw crossover, theres usually. Well, sing and dance they did and it was just lovely, making for a charming episode that was clearly a lot of fun for those lucky enough to be involved.

Medusa is the eighth episode of the second season from the cw television series supergirl, which aired on november 28, 2016. Its the moment fans of the berlantiverse have been waiting for. Supergirl races the flash on crossover poster photo. According to the national estimates from nielsen per variety, the supergirlthe flash crossover episode averaged a 17 rating6 shares in adults 1849 and 7. The last flash episode, trajectory would have been a connection to this episode. The flash star grant gustin will guest star on an episode of cbs supergirl on march 28. Elseworlds arrowverse elseworlds is the fifth annual arrowverse crossover event that features episodes of the liveaction television series the flash, arrow, and supergirl on the cw. Arrow, flash, supergirl and superman vs amazo elseworlds crossover the flash 5x09 1080p 60fps duration. The crossover episode will air on monday, march 28. So its more of a supergirl crossover into the arrowverse, just like how the supergirl crossover last season had nothing to do with what was happening in the flash. After a full year of buildup, three episodes have aired, and we. There are also the two fourway crossovers from november 2016.

Arrows episode will premiere on tuesday, january 14, 2020 at 8 p. The flashsupergirl musical crossover airs tonight at 8 p. The show featured discussions with executive producers guggenheim, dries, rovner, shimizu. Crisis aftermath is an aftershow that aired after the december 8 supergirl episode and the december 10 the flash episode. This article reveals key plot points from sunday nights episode of supergirl. The flash will kick off the threepart crossover on sunday dec. Fans will have to wait until january for two more episodes to wrap up the crossover. Events at the end of the supergirl episode medusa on november 28, 2016. The crossover episode is set to air on the march 28. With that in mind, heres the complete elseworlds schedule and the cws synopses. Andrew kreisberg, executive producer on arrow, the flash, and supergirl, explained why the crossover did not include supergirl. The first annual crossover event in the arrowverse aired during the 20142015 season. Arrowverse crossover fur euch zusammengefasst dc blog.

The crossover aired over four nights from november 28 to december 1, 2016. Crisis on infinite earths will include characters from arrow, the flash, supergirl, legends of tomorrow and the latest arrowverse show, batwoman. Crisis on infinite earths arrowverse crossover 2020. The flash and supergirl will temporarily trade places to accommodate this falls arrowverse crossover. The flash supergirl crossover episode details revealed ign. The flash, arrow and supergirl crossover dates announced. This means if you were afraid youd miss some invasion.

Team supergirl goes to earth 1 the flash season 3 episode. Supergirl ratings spike with the flash crossover episode. Supergirl teams with the flash, green arrow and superman on a crossover mission to find an important book and rewrite a scrambled reality. Crisis will be a fivepart crossover event, with arrow, supergirl, the flash, dcs legends of tomorrow, and newcomer batwoman all airing episodes. Which really brings the episode to the shockingmaybe not so shocking reveal of crisis on infinite earths for next years crossover. Cw announces fourway crossover with arrow, the flash. The second one is the musical crossover which is on the flash season 3, epi. The show went indepth to explore the crossover, and was hosted by kevin smith. The second one is the musical crossover which is on the flash season 3, episode 17 titled duet. Christina radish speaks with greg berlanti and andrew kreisberg about making worlds finest, the crossover episode featuring the flash and supergirl. Elseworlds all episodes flash arrow supergirl crossover 2018 imdb elseworlds, part 1 supergirl the flash arrow legends of tomorrow crossover story line. The flash and vibe showed up for less than 30 seconds. What are the crossover episodes of supergirl and the flash tv. A list of crossover episodes which involve characters from multiple shows in the.

Barry allen and kara zorels showdown against the music meister will begin in supergirl. Flash, supergirl meet up for superfriendly crossover. Supergirlflash crossover spoilers hollywood reporter. The crossover event began on december 9, 2018, with the flash, continued on arrow on december 10, and concluded on supergirl on december 11. The cws arrowverse crisis on infinite earths crossover. The flash and supergirl crossover episode is happening. Team flash and team arrow help one another in their respective. In australia, where the flash and supergirl both air on fox8, the crossover was marketed as a twonight event called dc musical crossover. The yearly arrowverse crossover event has become a staple of the cw, but weve never seen one as epic as crisis on infinite earths. The flash and supergirls help when they discover dominator technology fell.

Carla day recaps the flash season 3 episode duet, which is a musical crossover with supergirl where barry and kara team up against the music meister. Slated for months as the supergirlthe flash musical crossover, what manifested was a large scale, gleestyle musical episode, mostly taking place on the flash. A flashback episode reveals agent libertys origins, tracing his dark rise from a college professor to a villain fueled by antialien rage. The planets aligned almost perfectly to make the supergirl crossover episode with the flash possible while the crossnetwork dc tv crossover on cbs came to. The flash and supergirl crossover details from producers. In early march 2017, a promotional poster for the episode was released, with it being marketed as dynamic duet, a play on words of the phrase dynamic duo. Check out the official details for the flash and supergirl crossover episode, worlds finest.

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