Ruger mini 14 197 series shooting videos

Ive owned the gun for a decade now, and it has undergone many transformations. I wanted to post some updated photos of my neverending tactical mini 14 project. Custom tactical mini14 ranch rifle 197 series savethegun. Mini14 rifle manufactured from 1978 to 2004 caliber. Dont forget to rate and subscribe if you like the video. Select sku listing to see all stock numbers for this schematic. In this video we shoot cameraman ians ruger mini 14 alongside my m1a ebr.

Its been a lot of fun to shoot, and ive shot about 250 rounds in the week that ive had it. Can anybody tell me anything about this gun, like its history, or value. I took some pictures next to a friends 580 series mini 14 for reference the 580 series. Im looking at a 197 or 184 series ruger mini 14, but ive heard the accuracy isnt great in the early ones with the thinner barrels, is it. Decades old and still vastly popular, ruger s mini 14 has few limits. It really surprised me with how accurate it was, when i was expecting much worse. Theres a lot to say about any gun with that much history, so we decided to track down a few things you might not know about. I discovered that they underwent a big makeover in 2005. Ive always wanted a mini 14, and when i saw one with the bayonet lug, and flash suppressor not to mention the leo markings, i had to get it. Our popular bravo sights for standard 18 barrel 1022s are available now and will enhance your 1022 with faster target acquisition and a far. Would 197 series be the loosest of the minis ruger forum. I was not shooting from a rifle rest but i shot from the same position for the before and after. Find ruger mini 14 rifle parts 181186, 196 197 series, accessories and more with numrich gun parts corp providing parts since 1950.

Theres something about this action in a smaller caliber that is so satisfying to plink around with. The above chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for the indicated year. Click on a red number to view more information on that item and to add that factory part to your shopping cart. Ive read in several places that ruger changed their machinery in 2005 because their old equipment was getting worn out and the accuracy etc.

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